[FF] 다시… 사랑합니다 (Love Again) – Foreword

It’s augusssst!! sesuai janji /halah aku akan ngepost 4th project huehehehe~

다시… 사랑합니다 (Love Again)

Main Cast:

Suho (EXO) | Eunji (Apink) | EXO-K | Daehyun (BAP) | Youngjae (BAP)


EXO, Apink, BAP, Boyfriend


Kim Chaerin | Jeong Hyera | Jeong Minhwan

And many characters will show up.


Romance | Marriage Life


T (Teen)


Indonesian | English | Korean


Dont own Anything, except plot and story. No plagiarism!


My 4th Projects, starring Suho and Eunji (biases, OTP and muse). It’s gonna be my 2nd EXOPINK Fanfiction after OUR DREAMS. This story WHOLE romance mixed with slight-angst and action. Hope you enjoy it! Happy reading~

♥, asyilasa. 2014.

Started: 02/Agt/14

Ended: –/–/–



Complete by SNSD

첫 사랑은 죽었다 (First Love End) by K.Will

Baby, Don’t Cry by EXO

사랑하는 법을 몰라서by F.T Island (Eunji Theme)

Let You Go by TRAX (Suho Theme)

그XX by G-Dragon (Daehyun Theme)

Lost by Michael Bubble

Save Me by B.A.P

Don’t Say Goodbye by DBSK

Outro (Romantist) by Vanilla Lucy

행복하기를 (I Love You) by 2BiC (Main Theme)

+ for Epilogue:

You Should Be Dancing by Bee Gees

Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley


“Love like there’s no tomorrow. and if tomorrow comes, love again.”

–Max Lucado



He lost his wife.

She lost his husband-to-be.

until someday…

He needs baby sitter

She needs job

HA. I know I’m sucks at summaries… tapi believe me, coba dibaca dulu yaaa kekekekek mungkin kalian suka 😉

Nanti akan ada prolog, entah hari ini mau di post atau besok atau besoknya lagi qaqaqaq~ manhi gidaehae juseyo!! 😀



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