SO SORRY! This Is Important.


I’m sorry take too long to updated 😦 because this following serious matters:


1) I’ve been soooo much BUSY lately. Seriously. I thinks I’m gonna cry. But, u dont have to worry cuz I’m not THAT busy anymore (well I’m still busy but yeah, u know what I mean).

2) My magic wand a.k.a my laptop is broken. ill. The software is okay, but that-f-hardware (LCD) is the probelem. And TILL NOW, i still dont know about my laptop 😦


SO, because that serious matters, I deeply says I’m sorry but I think I’m going on HIATUS (on making FF). I’m so sorry. But I promised, if the day of my fully-recovered laptop is arrive (slapped), I will immediately post it!!

Can u forgive me? hehehe
Ehm. So… see you later, then? *cry




Love. Asyilasa.


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