EXO 2nd Album: EXODUS [Album Review]

Hello my fellow readers~! are you miss me?! kekekekeke tbh, I miss blogging. Fuh, you know… Im kinda busy lately (again and again) I’m barely touch my laptop. Yeah, if you already know that my laptop is completely broken. Now I’m using Himpunan Laptop ekekekeke. But, I used it for work (desingning and such thing…) but now, I’m FREEEEE (I’m in the middle of mid semester exam actually but whatever…) So… IM BLOGGING AGAIN!!! *throw confetti*


Today, I’m gonna write about EXO’s 2nd Album: EXODUS!

Before that, lemme scream for their COMEBACK! YEAY! I’m sooo happy about their comeback. Why? Because after the obstacles… and everything about lawsuit-thing… they finally become the NEW EXO. It’s EXODUS era, baby! Okay! I’m not gonna review about the teaser or the MV, but focus on the album. Let’s get it started!

**Note: sorry bad grammar and english. Well, english is not my mother tongue. Just… enjoy 😉 Continue reading “EXO 2nd Album: EXODUS [Album Review]”