EXO 2nd Album: EXODUS [Album Review]

Hello my fellow readers~! are you miss me?! kekekekeke tbh, I miss blogging. Fuh, you know… Im kinda busy lately (again and again) I’m barely touch my laptop. Yeah, if you already know that my laptop is completely broken. Now I’m using Himpunan Laptop ekekekeke. But, I used it for work (desingning and such thing…) but now, I’m FREEEEE (I’m in the middle of mid semester exam actually but whatever…) So… IM BLOGGING AGAIN!!! *throw confetti*


Today, I’m gonna write about EXO’s 2nd Album: EXODUS!

Before that, lemme scream for their COMEBACK! YEAY! I’m sooo happy about their comeback. Why? Because after the obstacles… and everything about lawsuit-thing… they finally become the NEW EXO. It’s EXODUS era, baby! Okay! I’m not gonna review about the teaser or the MV, but focus on the album. Let’s get it started!

**Note: sorry bad grammar and english. Well, english is not my mother tongue. Just… enjoy 😉


[2015] [ALBUM] EXODUS (Korean & Chinese Ver.)

As you see above is the EXODUS album. The inside, outside, photobook and photocard. Well… it’s pretty cool but… I HATE IT. You see, If u want to see other member it means you have to BUY ALL OF THEM. And there’s 2 version ofc, K and M. The silver is K one and the gold is the M one. Psh. Money sucker. Okay, forget about the cover… let’s talk the song on it.


Yeah, this is the title track of their comeback. Pfffh, it reminds me of something. When they haven’t make a comeback, EXO-L (as always) talking about the rumors. the rumors said that EXO’s title song for comeback is CALL ME DADDY. Oh my god, I’m like… seriously? EXO-L? but fuh, it turns out to be CALL ME BABY. Well, this song is firstly introduced in their concert: EXO’LUXION. And when I first hear it i was like: oh my god, this is soo freakin good! it’s gonna be my jam!!

Call me baby is the upbeat song (if u see the MV, EXO is dancing, dancing and dancing whole song) and kinda of cheerful song. I like it a lot. Well, I dunno (yet) what the song means but it’s about love hahahaha. This track, is recommended!


First impression: OMFG CHANYEOL KAI AND SEHUN RAP THO!! i think the highligt of this song is the trio rapper: Chanyeol, Kai dan Sehun. Seriously, their voice is smokin hot. REALLY! And their pronunciation… SOOOO NICEEEE. Esp for Chanyeol. He really takes my heart away. And this song, is weird at first but you will like it. It’s have a unique melody, it’s like: whoa, how they can make such a melody? This is good. really. You must hear it! (esp. for Chanyeol, Kai and Sehun fan.)

Track 3: 시선 둘, 시선 하나 What If..

I love this song dunno why. I love it, a lot!!! Aaah, nothing to do with this song. Just… listen to it. :’)

Track 4: MY ANSWER

CRYINGGGG. They perform this in EXOLU’XION TOO!! Suho voice tho :’) my baby suho… and Kyungsoo Baekhyun never fails. really. This is the best ballad song that EXO ever have. YOU MUST LISTEN TO IT!

Track 5: EXODUS

I’m in love when the first time i hear it in EXOLU’XION. Well, at first… I really catch the song (I love it because the dance is soooo damn sexy) BUT GOSH, THIS SONG IS REALLY GOOD. Thumbs up!!!

Track 6: EL DORADO

First hear on EXOLU’XION too. Man, I love it. I love the choreography, I love the song, whole!! This song is not a love song. When you hear it, EXO take you to their fantasy world. REALLY, this song is super duper awesome. Strong vocals and rap… full with emotion… really touch my heart tough :’) my favo all the time.

Track 7: PLAYBOY

It’s a sexy track. Composed with Jonghyun from SHINee. Nothing more, just… sexy. It’s so sexy!! (if u watch exoluxion… ugh, this makes you scream). It’s a song about a playboy (i guess) but… just read the lyrics translation you will understand. KEKEKEKE

Track 8: HURT

THE MOST FAVORITE SONG, ALL THE TIME, I LOVE IT SO MUCH…. HURT!!! This song its killing me!!! REALLY. THE MOST RECOMMENDED. Speechless. I dunno what to say anymore. Im gonna cry.

Track 9: 유성우 流星雨 Lady Luck

At first it’s weird. When you listen to it, you will welcomed by a beatbox (Chanyeol? I dunno) and rap. But overall, this song is good. But not the best, kekekkeke. Try to listen it! maybe you like it 😉


Last track and Im exiced. It’s SUHO SONG!!! KYAAAA so there’s a full track of BEAUTIFUL. Because I already hear this song (suho solo), so… yeah, nothing to be commented. Just listen to it 🙂


I’m sorry, I’m only review the K-version. Actually, the M verison is good too!! You will often hear Xiu and Lay voice. It’s beautiful :’) yet sadding. I miss Luhan and Kris suddenly. M ver just 4 people… I hear it so lonely 😦

OVERALL, EXODUS is awesome. It’s like the new revolution for EXO. Go buy their album! (I have, but shipping to Indonesia is so loooong journey so my album haven’t received yet.). Oh yeah, if you not buy it you can listen it on youtube or iTunes… or just click download in k2nblog.com kekekeke.

Happy listening, guys! Drop your comment if you like! Annyeong 🙂


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