[Movie Review] JUSTICE LEAGUE: DC fan would love this



This is the moment I waiting for. Or maybe you too. Or maybe DC fans. Or maybe everyone! Well, this is the ‘avengers’ of DC. After DC released Man of Steel, BvS, Suicide Squad, and recent they released Wonder Woman… everyone anticipated Justice League.

As you know, mostly everyone (including me) accused and leave a bad critics for BvS movie, so do Suicide Squad (well, me not this one). But Wonder Woman successfully turning the wheels around. Suprisingly, rating for WW is the best so far *its above 80% I think*. Yeah, I know, WW don’t directed by Snyder tho. Still, audience have a bigger expectation for Justice League (me! DC’s marketing is crazy).

ANDDDD we’ll about to find out!

Dont worry, It wibt contain spoiler /i hope/


Okay. Here we go!

Warning: Im trying not give a bias review because im DC fan and as usual, mind my english.


First of all, I waited Justice Leauge like a decade LOL. But finally I watched it! The movie duration is a bit short, about 120 minutes. But I enjoyed that precious moment lol.

Story line: the story line is ok, a little bit improved. The sense of humor is increased too since Barry Allen have a funny/clumsy role for JL. Sama seperti film2 Snyder yang lain lah. Cuma menurutku ini agak improve karena ada karakter komik Barry Allen (which I love it so much). It’s okay, but not that good *Come on Snyder, you can do better than this!*

Character development: forget about Batman, Supes and WW (they have their own movie), but lets focus to Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. Untuk orang awam, mungkin mereka sedikit tidak terkenal. For me, I know Flash because I watch it series (along with Arrow, Legend of Tomorrow and Supergirl). Aquaman, obviously, and… Cyborg. I know him from Teen Titans and I dont know that he have his own story! /ok never mind/

Karena emang ada 3 karakter yang belum dijelaskan, disini kayak lebih mengenalkan siapa mereka ini sih. Kalo Barry Allen udah apal lah ya… Cyborg juga. Yang masih agak blunder sebenernya Aquaman (thankfully they will release Aquaman movie in 2018). But yea… you will get it along the movie.

Villain: SUPER CLICHE VILLAIN. VILLAIN FROM THE ANOTHER PLANET WHO WANTS TO INVADE EARTH. Sama kaya Avangers? IYA. SAMA. Cuma ini lebih ke Kryptonian, Amazons dan Atalantians sih. Batman, flash and Cyborg actually dont have anything to do with this, they just helping to save the world LOL.

CGI: GOOD BUT NOT GOOD AS DISNEY AHAHA (marvel is under disney studios tho). But I think its fun. With all that graphics, backsound, and me watching with 4DX…. its super fun!

After all, I will give rate: 4/5!

I will highly anticipated Justice Leaugue Part Two! If you watch JL, dont skip two post credit! Because its super important!!


Easter Egg: Did you know? Barry Allen is told as BLINK (Blackpink Fans) because when he arrives at his secret lair, ‘As If Its Your Last’ by Blackpink played in the background (the MV too!). So, yeah, he cormfirmed as BLINK EVERYONEEEE! Hallyu Wave! Proud of you girls ❤


Fuih… gak spoiler kan? Ehehhe.

Eh, spoiler dikit deh.





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